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How does the FleetSys licence work?

The licence for FleetSys is validated using the intenet. Each time you run the software the system connects to a database on the internet which has your activation code stored in it. Once the code is validated your system will then run. You will therefore need access to the internet for the few moments that it takes to validate your system. Please note that none of your data is stored on the internet. All your data is stored only on your hard drive and nowhere else.

If my computer fails or my hard disk crashes will I have to pay again?

No. Just inform us of the event. All that happens is that we cancel your access after which you then install the program on your new hard disk or computer and run it again. If you have the programs on other computers you just run those again and we reset their passwords.

Do you tie us in to long term contracts?

No. You are not required to sign up for any minimum period. It is entirely up to yourselves. If you decide after the first year that you don’t want to continue well that’s up to yourselves.

Why are your prices so much lower?

There’s no mystery to it. We keep our costs down by not having expensive offices that need maintenance and expensive salesmen that need paying and expensive cars that use expensive fuels. All these savings are passed on in the form of lower pricing.

Doesn’t this just mean that your systems aren’t as good as the very expensive ones?

No. The FleetSys system is packed with features. Have a look around the website to see exactly what the systems have and what they can do for you.

There are systems which are web based. Is this safe?

No. As soon as you place your operational data on a third party’s you run into all sort of potential problems.  If you place all your bookings and customers onto someone else’s server on the internet (sometimes known as “Cloud Storage”) you are no longer in control. Susceptible to hackers who only need one target to aim for and they then have, not only everyone else’s data, but yours as well. However, if you keep your data on your own hard disks and out of the way of the internet you control the security  more effectively and make the hacker’s life very difficult.

Data loss, downtime and server/operational failures, where data isn’t available or is completely irrecoverable, has already happened more times than it should have done and to very big companies. Type in to a search engine “Cloud Security Issues” to get a long list of the major problems that can occur when you place your sensitive and important data in someone else’s hands. “Cloud Storage” is excellent as a backup service but for your operational data which you need every day and is constantly changing you need to be in control of it all the time.