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These prices are for a licence that lasts a year and includes support (remote support first year only) and all upgrades. Subsequent licences can be purchased but you are not committed to any further purchases in any way whatsoever at any time after the first licence.

FleetSys System - £150-00

Every additional computer after the first - £20-00

Remote Support (second and subsequent years) - £20-00

You can pay by Credit Card using PayPal (You do not need a PayPal account). If you would like to pay by cheque please contact us and we will send you an invoice which you can pay.

The first computer and installation is included with the package. All subsequent computers that you require the software to be installed on are £20-00 per annum.

FleetSys Package


Additional Computers

Remote Support (2nd and subsequent years only)


E.g. a fully networked system with a total of three computers would be -

FleetSys per annum

(including first computer, installation and remote support for 1 year.)

Next two computers at £20-00 per annum





Add Computers